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Whenever I have the chance to get outside of my comfort zone, I look for new experiences and try as many new things as possible. On the Grade 10 trip to Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An, I walked out of my shell, and I did just that. The trip marked the first time ever that I tried the thrilling Drop Tower Ride at Ba Na Hills, shared stories as a huge group during our free time, and my first time running under the rain as we explored Dien Thai Hoa, the Palace of Supreme Harmony.

Trying traditional dishes in ancient Vietnamese ambience? Another first. Besides admiring the breath-taking scenery of Vietnam and taking thousands of pictures, I had the chance to learn personal lessons about the historical and geographical significance of the places we visited, and I discovered many aspects of Vietnam’s local culture, traditional food and ancient artwork. Singing was a big part of this experience, and I remember everyone’s voices on the bus blending together with the sounds of a ukulele while I watched light rain fall on the fields. This was another priceless experience I take from this trip - connections and relationships with the people surrounding me: my friends, my classmates and my teachers. I reached out more to people who I haven’t spoken with very much, and this trip helped me to reflect and think about interesting perspectives that I have not thought of before.

We saw, we learned, we sang, we experienced, we enjoyed, we connected and immersed ourselves in the unique atmosphere of Vietnam, together. Hearts and spirits, harmonized together like a big family.

Vu Anh Thu - Grade 10, CIS