In the spirit of Alpaca

In the spirit of Alpaca

Mrs. Ngan Trang, Parent of Angel, CIS Grade 9


 One day, Angel showed me the poster of the “World Scholar’s Cup - HCMC Tryout” and said: “Mom and Dad, I want to try out!”. To be honest, I did not clearly understand much about this competition, however, as usual, I said “yes” to my beloved daughter.

Returning home from the tryouts, I asked: “Are you happy today?”. She replied: “Yessss!!! I have succeeded in  the tryout and now I have the chance to take part in the Global Round which will be held for the first time in Hanoi. Then, there are two more locations for the Global Rounds: Athens and Cape Town”.

Angel explained in detail: “This event is not hosted at our school. My friends and I knew found this  information on the internet. We were interested and decided to register online. I want to join this event because the Final Round would be held at Yale University. I don’t think I could win. But I want to try!”

For over three months, Angel studied late into the night, sometimes until the mid-night. When Angel and her friends took part in the Hanoi Global Round, myself and other parents had the chance to attend the competition at the Vietnam National Convention Center. There were more than 4,000 Grade 5-12 scholars from over 50 countries competing. This academic competition involved events such as debate, writing, and individual tests in six different subjects: History, Literature, Arts, Science, Social and Special Area.

The top 20% of the Global Round contestants could win the tickets to the Final Round. It was amazing when all CIS participants were counted in the winners’ list. So… “America! Here we come!”

We arrived in Connecticut on a lovely and peaceful autumn afternoon. As soon as our kids arrived, they started to study and review with their teammates. They had a tour of the Yale campus and learned their exam locations. Then, they continued to study and review. They even forgot to eat and sleep. As parents we really were not sure what to except to remind our kids to take a rest and not to skip their meals. The parents supported each other and we could feel we were a true family!

Five  days of the exam were five days of stress.  The Tournament of Champions was more than just another Global Round. Our kids had the chance to interact with and learn directly from Yale students and faculty and attend to the Cultural Ball, where they could dance with their fellow scholars from over fifty countries.

Congratulations to Le Khanh Tue Anh (Angel), Nguyen Le Trang Nghi (Jocelyn) from Grade 9 CIS and Khuong Van Linh (Linh) from IB Year 1 for the many medals they won! Hai Minh and Tracy, CIS alumni who now studying abroad also attended the competition and won many medals.

Beginning with a love for the alpaca, the World Scholar’s Cup mascot, my daughter had chance to experience that such wonderful event. I want to say “Thank you, Alpaca!”