GIN trips

GIN trips

Anti - Human Trafficking trips

The Anti-Human Trafficking (AHT) Club hosted two trips during the 2105-2016 school year. In November 2015, some students visited Hanoi-Sapa and met with the NGO Blue Dragon to learn more about their programs and services offered to street children and those who have been affected by human trafficking.

In May of 2016, the AHT club then ventured to Cambodia to learn more about why human trafficking is an issue and met with some wonderful NGOs who have committed themselves to shutting down brothels and restoring the lives of victims.

We were so inspired by last year’s trips that we set out to Cambodia again in November of 2016. We met with some new NGOs, including a United Nations organization who works to raise awareness and implement prevention programs, and AFESIP, a shelter for women and children who have been rescued from human trafficking situations and are learning how to recover and reintegrate back into society. We revisited three NGOs, Agape International Missions, Daughters of Cambodia, and New Hope for Cambodian Children.

At the Christmas Fun Fair this year, we were joined by Hope Unending (Home of Hope), a local NGO in Ho Chi Minh. We also sold some bracelets that were made by victims of human trafficking at AFESIP in Cambodia.

by Ms Jenna Clarke

Inter GIN Conference

For the last 4 years CIS has been attending the EARCOS Regional Middle School GIN Conference. In 2016 we sent 10 students and 2 teachers to Shanghai for the conference which was themed: EnGINeering our Future. Everything at the conference related to the idea of creating a sustainable future. The guest speakers ranged from an upcycling fashion designer to the Chairperson from the joint US/China Collaboration on Clean Energy.

For two months leading up to the event, our students practiced a workshop centered around Homelessness. They ran a simulation to show what it is like to be homeless and to sometimes not be able to afford even the most basic necessities. They ran a workshop for their peers that was a huge success. Let’s work together to EnGINeer a better future!

by Mr Ben Kronick

GIN Saigon Conference 

Last year we sent 81 students and 9 teachers from CISS to the Saigon GIN conference at Saigon South International School (SSIS). The theme for the conference was “Collaborate to Innovate” and our students did just that. The CIS GIN council worked with students from the Australian International School and SSIS to plan and organize the entire conference.

For three days, CISS students participated in and led workshops, listened to keynote speakers, presented TED talks and even ran a simulation to teach about the horrors of Human Trafficking Shoutouts to Bill and Jake Grade 11 for planning the simulation and Camilla rade 8 for getting on stage and delivering a passionate TED talk about Gender Equality for the attendees. The topics discussed at the conference ranged from Environmental Sustainability to Global Infectious Diseases...

The teachers from all of the schools attending met on the last day to discuss who would take on the conference for 2017. There was no question from anyone in the room that CIS was going to run the next conference. Our students showed dedication and leadership that made a lasting impression for all who were in attendance at last year’s conference. This year we are working hard to show the city our commitment to solving global issues and creating a sustainable world for all.

by Mr Ben Kronick

Loola trip

In November 2016, thirty-one students from the Junior and Intermediate divisions went to the Loola Adventure resort in Bintan, Indonesia. This is an annual GIN service trip during which the students are challenging themselves through adventure activities and meaningful community work. 

Last year, they painted two houses for Indonesian families; helped in the building of a wastewater garden, a system that allows used water to be recycled; helped pave a school yard; and interacted with local students. Alongside those community works, the students surpassed themselves in physical activities such as ziplining, jumping from a coconut tree, and rock climbing.

by Ms Sophie Hoang