Beyond Borders - Vietnamese traditional music in modern life

Beyond Borders - Vietnamese traditional music in modern life

Beyond Borders - a music show by zither artist Tri Nguyen and the Conservatory of Ho Chi Minh city successfully breathed new life into Vietnamese traditional music. During three days of the show (October 23, 24 and 26, 2017), CISS students had the opportunities to enjoy many interesting performances and learn more about the sentimental values of Vietnamese people of all time.

 Mr. Tri Nguyen is a famous pianist and zither artist in France, who won two gold medals in Global Music Awards. In the middle of 2016, Mr. Tri Nguyen was the first Vietnamese artist that became a Grammy voting member.

The first part of the show included some iconic pieces of classical music such as: Waltz Op. 64 No. 2 by Chopin, Por Una Cabeza by Carlos Gardel ... to help young audiences gradually get used to the harmony of musical instruments. Thanks to many previous classical music concerts, CISS students could quickly catch up with the artists.


Beautiful performances by Mr. Tri Nguyen tenderly led the students into the magical world of music. 

The audience completely enjoyed the perfect harmony between Mr. Tri Nguyen and other artists.

In the second part of the show, the artists combined violins - the Western music instruments with a zither - a Vietnamese traditional music instrument to cover the original pieces of cai luong and Vietnamese royal music. It was a brand new experience for CISS students that received many positive feedback from them. Before each performance, Mr. Tri Nguyen also told the stories behind them so as students had the general information of what they would listen to. Thanks to an authentic and open-hearted performance, the artists introduce  our students to the down-tempo, glorious and grand music of Khong Minh Toa Lau (Master Khong on the Fortress), Ai Tu Ke (Emperor) not in a traditonal way, but in a more modern and catchier way comparing to the original style.

Zither was the star of the show that made students so excited.

Through the melody, students felt like they could actually see the scenery of Master Khong surrounded by Tu Ma Y’s army, a foggy twilight or a mother sang a lullaby to her child in an autumn night.

At the end of the show, Mr. Tri Nguyen was so surprised and happy because many students came to him for a hug or signature

The show brought more than 2000 CISS students closer to Vietnamese traditional music, with zither and traditional melody. Thanks to that, students would know how to appreciate and protect the precious value of Vietnamese culture. At the same time, this kind of song will improve the musical taste of our students, helping them learn to treasure the beauty of a high class art form