SISAC Senior Swim Meet

SISAC Senior Swim Meet

What do you get when you send over 30 energetic and eager CISS swimmers to a SISAC Swimming Championship? Lots of podium finishes! That’s right, the CISS Swim Team has had its most successful season yet after returning from the SISAC Senior Swimming Championships on Wednesday, November 22 and Thursday, November 23 with 40 podium finishes.

The senior boys relay team just after finishing their 4x50 meter freestyle event. From left to right: Andy Hong, Jackie Tran, Thu Phan and David Feher.

Each year the CISS Swim Team has been growing in popularity, and this year is no different. Over 150 CISS athletes of all grades expressed an interest in trying out for the team. This fall, our team of 70 athletes practiced twice a week on Wednesday and Friday after school. Even though CIS has an Olympic sized swimming pool, lanes are crowded at times.

The SISAC meet at Saigon South International School had many standout performances. Special recognition goes to Angie Do from CIS who won first place overall in her age group. This recognition comes from her stellar results in 4 individual events. Tin Nguyen at BCIS claimed third place overall in the competitive 15 and over age category. Overall, the team brought home a combined 12 third place, 16 second place, and 12 first place ribbons in individual and relay events.

For the senior swimmers, November’s meet marks the end of their competitive season. Our junior swimmers, however, have their SISAC championship meet to look forward to in April. Mr. Stepan and Mr. Gord want to say congratulations and well done to all our swimmers that competed!