Athletic Fall Season Recap

Athletic Fall Season Recap


By: Jennifer Lee - Athletic Council



U19 Boys’ Volleyball team beat 6 other teams to become the final winners of the trophy.

This season’s sports teams worked really hard and they brought home some SISAC championships. This season’s champion teams are the U19 Boys’ Volleyball and U14 Girls’ Basketball teams, along with some Gold medallists in U19 Badminton. Both the U14 Boys’ Basketball and U11 Girls’ Basketball teams came away with  3rd place finishes. The U11 Boys’ Basketball team came in 4th. The U19 Girls’ Volleyball Team had a disappointing finish, but had a fierce fight all season. Though not all of our teams came away as champions, every team worked extremely hard and improved. Every athlete and each Coach dedicated their time to improve with every practice and game. We are very proud of our CISS Wolves!


Dao (on the right side) - U19 Badminton - had gained a lot of experiences this year 

Let’s hear about this season from some of our athletes: Dao from Grade 9 U19 Badminton said, “We were able to play with different age groups and that helped us to learn from our mistakes.”

As people say, mistakes are what bring us through the journey to the destination. CISS is not a school that accepts defeat.

As Yuma from the U14 Basketball team said, “Even when we knew weren’t first, still no one gave up and we continued  to play our hardest ending in 3rd place.”  Perseverance is also a skill CIS students are proud to celebrate. No matter what happens we stick together as a team and always have each other's backs. We might not always be the best but when we don’t succeed, My from U19 Girls Volleyball says: “Sad or happy, we stick together and always support each other until the end. Even if the roads get rough.”

Win or lose, CISS is a school that never gives up.


We remember that it's not about the number of games won, but rather about the games we played together and how much we improved as a team and individually. Special shout-out to our Coaches this season for their time, support, and inspiration. We would not have been able to do any of this without you all.