Hung King Day in CISS

Hung King Day in CISS

Hung King Day in CISS

To commemorate the anniversary of the death of the founder of the Vietnamese nation, the first Hung King (March 10 of Lunar Year), CIS students are experienced the Van Lang period of Vietnam by reenacting Hung King memorial zone in CIS.

Beside the real rice and cornfield, a lot of historical scenes are created by CIS talented students. Especially, the imagination of students is showed via the letters from historical figures such as Hung King, Son Tinh, Mai An Tiem,… written by themselves. These letters are expressed the students’ dreams and expectation for a better future.

(Students are reenacting the pilgrimate event to Hung Temple)

Students are reenacting the pilgrimate event to Hung Temple

The pigs are made by students themselves

Students show their interest in model of a buffalo

The model of Vietnamese traditional foods.

Students are playing with the chicken model.

The real rice field is planted and taken care by the students

Letter from Mai An Tiem written by students


Parents are welcome to CIS Main Foyer to have a closer look at the artworks from our talented students on CIS “EX” in 20th April 2019. 
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