Meet the Envizualists

Meet the Envizualists

By Alex Khoi Nguyen, Chris Luu, Peter Tran, Philip Pham, and Pony Hoang

All CIS Grade 11 students


This adventure began with the first clips from Pony and Peter with the passion inspired by their teacher, Mr. Keegan, these boys started making other short travel videos. The first one, Phu My Hung - Portable Sceneries, was about their neighborhood. Following that was their first contribution to the CIS House Council, the Water House Day recap video. Thank you to Mr. Mark Terrana, CIS News and CIS Alumni Jake Ho, for this opportunity last May. They finished the 2017 - 2018 school year with two videos and Pony and Peter intended to work on bigger projects like Saigon - The Emerging City during the summer. Their videos are displayed on social media networks, @envizualists on Facebook and The Envizualists on YouTube .

Fireworks - By Alex Khoi

Nha Trang - By Christ Luu

With passion rising in each boy, Pony and Peter decided to create their own photography and videography club, non-school related, called The Envizualists. Founded on September 1, 2018, The Envizualists is a seven-member group currently assisting Pony and Peter. Group members are:  Alex Khoi, Chris, Nhat Minh, Peter, Philip, Pony and Troy. The Envizualists is a group of friends joined together to share their interest in photography and videography. From the beginning, the boys shared their skills and experiences by building the script, operating the camera and editing the final product.

Afterlight - By Peter Tran

Together, The Envizualists have accomplished two other official projects: Polychrome and Singapore - The Merlion City. Besides that, there have been many other smaller projects for the CIS Student Council, CIS Athletic Council, GIN Council, and the House Council. Their newest project will support the upcoming system-wide musical, CISS on Broadway.

Ha Long Bay - By Phillip Pham

"Our main objective is creating interesting short films that can capture the moments around us and introduce these to everyone.” said Pony. The Envizualists focus on the world and the beauty around them, the people, the streets, and the buildings. Those are the key things which fire their passion for making travel videos. Furthermore, the larger objective is making short films to influence everyone to get off of their couch or out of their bed to explore the big world outside. As a group of young photographers, the team seeks new objectives and tries to learn new skills.     


During the work process, the team has faced many challenges in meeting their client’s expectations. However, they have managed to resolve the conflicts and build the spirit of partnership. The journey is tough, but the boys do their best and cope with the criticism to improve themselves. According to the members, teamwork is the best solution to resolve the problems, and together they stand strong facing challenges. The Envizualists grow much stronger each day and the bond is unbreakable. By taking on different experiences, learning from mistakes and overcoming challenges, the boys are able to learn, grow, and adapt to become a dream team.

In the near future, their plans are to expand and start making short films, travel to more destinations, and perhaps produce films that are outside of the travel category. They are interested in creating films in other genres such as mystery and/or  thrillers.