What is IBDP?

The Diploma Programme was, in 1968, the first IB Programme to be introduced.  It remains the most popular and reputable of the IBO's programmes, with over 2300 schools offering courses.  Students who graduate from this rigorous and challenging academic program are equipped with the necessary skills to flourish at university.  IB Graduates regularly praise the programme's toughness for giving them an introduction to university-style learning and independence.  With a variety of subjects from which to choose, IB students can cater their program of study so that it fits their relative strengths and interests



Why the Diploma Programme (DP)?

Studying the IB Diploma Programme has many advantages. Some of them are:

  • Recognition and high status among hundreds of the top-ranked universities worldwide
  • Admission preference and scholarships to many universities, including those in Canada and USA
  • University transfer credits from nearly all universities for high-achieving IB students, which means that students can skip some classes in university
  • Externally-assessed standardized examinations that challenge students' thinking and analytical abilities
  • Independent research and writing demands that exceed most high school curricula
  • An interdisciplinary education which forces students to make connections between subject areas and areas of knowledge
  • An internationally-minded education that develops responsible citizens who can improve the world.

Download these documents and find out more about why you should choose IBDP.

  • The Hannover Research Council is an independent research firm that has found that studying IB has statistically significant benefits for students upon entering university. 
  • The IBO has data that indicates how well IB graduates perform in university: 
  • Colleges and universities around the world recognize the IB Diploma, and have discovered that IB graduates have a broad range of academic skills that are essential for success at the post-secondary level. 
  • This IBO publication shows how IB students in various parts of the world benefit from the IB Diploma Programme.